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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Skinny!..On my Skin Care Regimen in 6 Products or Less

I am always asked what moisturizer I use and what I do to keep my skin so clear. My daily skin regimen is pretty simple.  I really don't do much and I have to attribute some of it to just simply genetics.  But I do have extremely dry sometimes to the point of flaky skin.  At night I wash my face with Sephora Cleansing Mousse or sometimes I just use plain water.  I feel like putting too many products on my skin can be just as bad as not using anything at all.  Then I finish off with just plain old organic coconut oil from Trader Joe's $5.99.  A tiny bit goes so far that my 16 oz jar will last me forever. You don't have to use this brand any will do.  I use this on my face as well as on my 3-year old from head to toe.  It smells divine and its light and absorbs quickly (as long as you don't use too much).  Coconut is great for the face and its also a great carrier oil.  In the morning I use Carol's Daughter Bring in the Moisture Face Wash $20 (I am not crazy about the Patuelli smell, but it works, which is why I use in the morning, the new formula might not have this smell) then I finish off with Sephora's Instant Moisturizer $20 for the face.  I love this moisturizer it smells relaxing and a little goes a long way.  Then if I remember I spray Mario Badescu Facial Spray $7 on my face and I am on my way.  Once a month during the winter months I will usually put on some 100% Unrefined African Raw Shea Butter, I would use this more often, because its excellent for reducing spots and keeps skin smooth, but its heavier than the coconut oil and I am not crazy about the smell.  My older sister uses the Raw Shea exclusively and wears no makeup and her face always looks flawless and airbrushed.  I think this is pretty simple it keeps my skin clear hydrated and free of harsh chemicals. Obviously this many not work well for oily skin types but for drier skin this works well.  It feels to me as though beauty products are targeted more towards oily, combination skin types I never hear about what to do for extremely dry skin. Nothing s over the top expensive and some come in smaller less expensive sizes.  You dont need to use all this I think simple is better.  Just keep your face hydrated and try not to use too many harsh chemicals on your face.  Simple, Clean, Natural.  

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