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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kiss My Lash!...Careprost Review

So I have always wanted those kiss your eyebrows eyebrows. I discovered Careprost through a YouTube video. Careprost is the generic form of Latisse used to promote eyelash growth. It was originally used as a glaucoma drug when people started reporting the side effect of longer thicker darker lashes. After a less than stellar experience with eyelash extensions (will review in separate post) I decided to try this. I have sensitive skin and eyes so I was a little nervous. I researched for different lash conditioners for hours as I don't have hundreds of dollars to try products out that might not work. I haven't read a single poor performance review of this product. Some have had reactions though I've been lucky. A bottle of Careprost runs about $30 compared to Latisse $120-$150 a bottle. They work exactly the same. I purchase mine here, it was shipped quickly and I was able to use paypal.

First Day Careprost 2/21/13
3/4 Lashes are thicker so far


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