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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dash for Lashes!....My Top 4 Mascara's

So here are my top four mascara's.  I didnt take the picture in order of my favorites stupidly but here they are:

The volume and length with this mascara are insane.  My lashes look fake point blank.  You do have to do some work with a lash come as it goes on thick but payoff is worth it. The brush is large on this.  This is expensive but its nice that you can get the mini alternative. 

Really nice volume and packaging.  Love the long ssexy sleek tube.  Washes off easily and lasts all day.  This is not readily available everywhere and very expensive.  If not for the Benefit They're Real I probably would repurchase. This gives your lashes a classy length sometimes I don't want over the top lashes.

Nice volume and decent length.  The brush is large but really comes through the lashes well I didn't need to use a lash comb at all. This like the Benefit They're Real is pricey but is also available in a mini.

Best bang for your buck.  The brush on this is similar to the Benefit They're Real.  Good Length and Volume with minimal fall out.  If your on the market for a good priced mascara I would go with this.

Benefit They're Real Left
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Right

Benefit They're Real Left
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Right

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