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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gimme Some Sugar Baby!....Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Treatment Review

First I should mention that I am the poster child for dry chapped lips.  I think my lips are drier than most (you could strike a match on them) I have extremely dry skin and my lips are no different.  My lips crack and bleed and I am putting chap stick on round the clock.  My daughter inherited my dry lip problem lucky her.  You name it I have it for lip balms, glosses, chap sticks, etc.  I think at last count I owned 20 different lip products and the only thing that helped was Smith's Rosebud Salve.  Although I hate having to stick my finger in lip gloss/salve, and I am not crazy about the smell.  So when I saw a review for this I though I'm sure it worked for them but I don't want to waste $25 to find out if it will work for me I mean come on chap stick is chap stick.  Boy was I wrong, after another bout of cracked morning lip I took the plunge.  This stuff is flipping amazing!  I put it on the night before and when I woke up it felt as if I had just applied it.  Its worth the ridiculous amount of money charged.  There are a whole line of these and this is the corrective balm.  When my lips are healed & when I finish this up I will switch to the protective balm with SPF.  I plan on using this on my daughter as well.  The smell is awesome too it smells like lemon sugar. I love the packaging its a hard metal like casing that screws on which is good for me because i have lip balms coming apart in my purse more often than I'd like. Lovin' this baby!!!

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