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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dont Give Me Any Lip!...My Favorite Neutral Lip Look (Quick Tarte LipSurgance Review)

So I love a neutral, natural lip look.  This is my go to work/everyday neutral lip.  I line my lips with Sephora's  chic choco nano lip liner $5 (for a darker look I use MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil $15), I blend the liner into my lips.  Then I use my Clinique Whole Lotta Honey Chubby Stick $16 (I definitely keep the fact that I rub a Chubby Stick on my lips to myself lol), next I layer that with Tarte's Lipsurgance in Buff.  Now I really love all these products, especially the Clinique Chubby Stick.  While I do really like the color of this Tarte Lipsurgance I do have a problem with the construction of it.  The lip stick inside comes out so while in my purse it got stuck in the cap.  I will be returning this to Sephora, for $24 this shouldn't be happening I had this one for a week. This doesn't not happen with any of my other branded jumbo lip sticks. It tends to have a bit of a chalky feel but I just put a little gloss over the top if it bothers me.  I could do without the peppermint smell/taste of it.  Other than that its smooth and has nice pigmentation for a neutral color. 

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