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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Getting Balmy in Here!...My Top Five Lip Balms

So lets get to it.

1.  Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Treatment $25

My new favorite lip balm.  Stays on for hours, really does repair lips.  Expensive as hell but worth it. Goes on smoothly smells divine of lemons and sugar and goes well under lip colors. Great packaging, screw on cap which is a plus.  See my full review in previous post. I probably won't purchase this again due to the price and because there are great alternatives.

2.  Avon Care Deeply Lip Balm .69 cents

Let me say that before I found Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment this was hands down the only chap stick that truly worked for me.  I have heard of people using it for cancer patients.  It really penetrates has a great soothing aloe smell and is cheap! The only problem is you can only get it at Avon so its not readily accessible.  Honestly i think that this and Fresh Sugar are very close. This pairs well also under lip colors.

3. Smiths Rosebud Salve $6

Great for lips and other chapped areas.  Has a pleasant enough smell but I'm am not crazy about the rose smell.  It is slightly smoother than the consistency of Vaseline which i also dislike the smell of.  I also don't like having to use my finger to scoop it out but i do believe this is available in a tube. I do use this because it works and gives a nice gloss if you just want to go neutral.

4. EOS Strawberry Balm $2.99

Smells great, awesome packaging i love that the cap screws on which is very important.  Lasting power is alright, but it does last about 30 min or so. The price can't be beat.

5. Sephora Nourishing Lip Balm $5

This is an excellent lip balm.  Similar to the lip sugar very nourishing and long lasting.  The only complaint I have is that it leaves somewhat of a texture on my lips not sure how else to describe it.  This makes my lipsticks kind of roll around. The balm feels fragile like its gonna break off. This is excellent on its own and lasts long. Very affordable


  1. I LOVE Fresh lip sugar! Sephora had a mini duo as the Insider birthday gift. One was tinted. They do work really well! I'm with you, I probably wouldn't buy it, but I would likely pick up a mini if I came across one.

  2. They had a mini duo, oh I wish I had known about that I wanted the tinted one as well but its $22 :(.